Shanwei power plant

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Shanwei power plant

The first-phase construction of Shanwei Power Plant in east Guangdong, which includes installment of two assembling units, has been going on smoothly since it started on December 26 last year, releases source. The two units, with a total budget about RMB 6-billion yuan, are planned to be finished and put into operation at the end of and early respectively.

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This project, together with other power projects and energy-saving measures, is expected to help Guangdong to mend its power shortage. Copyright of Newsgd. Reproduction of text and picture for non-commercial purposes is permitted provided that both the source and author are acknowledged.

Shanwei Haifeng CCS power station

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Shanwei power plant projects going on smoothly. Latest Updated by Editor: Catherine Copyright of Newsgd. By :Wang Shujun Source :newsgd. About Us Contact Us Southcn.

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Thanks for your help!Situated in the coastal area of southeastern Guangdong Province, Shanwei city is bordered with Jieyang to the east, Huizhou to the west and Heyuan to the north, facing southwards to the South China Sea.

Shanwei is a wonderful tourist destination with beautiful sea views and pleasing weather. It shows breathtaking sceneries along the It has a history of more than 2, years from the year of BC that Haifeng County, the primary form of Shanwei, was established.

Power Plant Construction Continues After Government Suppresses Villager Protests in Shanwei

Physical Features: The city lies in the south foot of Lianhua Mountain facing south to the sea. The northern part of the city mainly consists of mountainous areas, while the hills and terraces are generally distributed in the central area. The south coastal part is occupied by plains. On the whole, the mountainous and hilly areas make up the major land of the city.

Special Local product: sea product, rice wine, tea, shell carving. Answers App. Fengshan Mazu Temple. Shanwei Facts. From the Guangzhou Tianhe Bus Station, buses to Shanwei depart every 30 to 60 minutes taking about three hours and a half.

Shanwei central bus station is situated in the Hebaoling, Haishan Road, where buses to around cities and counties are provided. See more Shenzhen - Shanwei Train. Yes, as I know, three high speed trains are available atandwhich departs from SW Railway Station to Huidong. There is no direct bus. Then transfer to a bullet train to Shanwei within min. Asked by Jo.

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How can we get to the nice parts of the city from the Shanwei train station? Where would you recommend to stay for an adventurous weekend? Thanks in advance!

From the train station, take bus no.The scene from the restaurant window looked like I was in a holiday resort on a beautiful beach. Its two coal-burning units are capable of producing 1, MW, and the plan was to build two more units on the same site, which would take the the total capacity to 4, MW.

But in the government put restrictions on capacity expansions. China admitted that it had built too many power plants too quickly. Its thermal power plants run less than half the time, according to official government figures. Though a lot of it has been put to use, there is no dearth of white-elephant projects with stories of ghost towns, empty airports, and traffic-free highways. At the heart of the debate is whether infrastructure projects will be able to generate enough return on the money invested.

On July 26, the UK joined four other countries—France, Norway, the Netherlands, and India—in committing to ban the sales of new petrol and diesel cars. Though critics complain about the date of implementation——being too late, they agree that the pledge takes things in the right direction. InChina registered more thannew electric vehicles—more than double the number registered in the US in the same period.

It already hascharging stations—compared to 16, in the US—and is set to increase that number byin And it already has a tax exemption on electric cars. Better still, since US president Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris climate agreement, there is a void open for China to take on more leadership. Transitioning to electric vehicles is seen as a key move in cutting down emissions.

Its coal reserves, on the other hand, rival that of any other country. So, if not for cutting emissions, it makes sense from an energy-security perspective for China to make the transition to electric cars. Moving to an electric-cars only future is no easy task.

Scaling such demands in a country the size of China would be taking power generation to a whole another level. But, yet again, China seems more ready than other countries to deal with it. Skip to navigation Skip to content. Quartz Daily Brief. Subscribe to the Daily Brief, our morning email with news and insights you need to understand our changing world. Sign me up. Update your browser for the best experience.In May it was reported the plant's two units had been equipped with carbon capture and storage CCS capability, with the capacity to capture 20, tons of carbon dioxide per year.

China Resources is currently building a two-unit coal-fired power plant with a total planned capacity of 2, MW in Guangdong Province. The plant is scheduled to be completed in The company was planning to build two additional 1,MW coal-fired units.

Due to new restrictions announced during by the National Energy Administration and the National Development and Reform Commission, further capacity expansions at this location appear to be on hold or cancelled. Log in Request account. Navigation Main page. Recent changes. Random page. Help about MediaWiki.

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shanwei power plant

Coal mines in China. Coal transport and infrastructure. Existing coal plants in Europe. Environmental issues of coal. Global Fossil Infrastructure Tracker.

shanwei power plant

Oil and gas infrastructure. Proposed coal mines in China. Proposed gas plants. View source.

shanwei power plant

Jump to: navigationsearch. This article is part of the CoalSwarm coverage of China and coal Sub-articles: China and coal Existing coal plants Proposed coal plants Proposed coal mines International Chinese coal projects Mining companies and agencies Power companies and agencies Coal shipping terminals Opposition to coal in China Restrictions on Chinese coal plants.The following is an illustration of the level of details in coverage by English- and Chinese-language media of the same event.

The listing is done in order of increasing details within the English-language reports, and then the translated Chinese-reports appear below. I have listed only the sections pertaining to the incident itself and omitted background information.

There is a set of photographs from the scene earlier in October. This is not intended as criticism of any of the media.

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Rather, the point is used to show how the media operate with different levels of space, access to information and journalistic standards for reportability. Please note how almost everybody else had to rely on the Radio Free Asia report.

The Shanwei incident has been going on for more than five months and Radio Free Asia was covering it while nobody else paid much attention. Then when the violence broke out, Radio Free Asia already had the background information as well as sources on the ground. It was a lot harder for others to catch up. You can see that they tried e.

Please also note that some services felt that it necessary to qualify Radio Free Asia as "US-government supported" or at least as "U.

The Epoch Times item at the bottom stands out from the rest. If everyone else refers to several hundred or more than 1, police officers, they say 2, to 3, If everybody else refers to three dead with names given, they say more than ten dead instead. If everybody else refers to tear gas canisters fired at close quarters as the cause of death, they say that the armed police sprayed the villagers with submachine gunfire instead.

Chinese armed police are reported to have opened fire on protesters in the southern province of Guangdong, shooting dead at least two people. Witnesses told US broadcaster Radio Free Asia the incident happened after hundreds of police tried to disperse up to 1, demonstrators near Shanwei.

At least two people have died in China's southern province of Guangdong after police fired on villagers protesting inadequate compensation for land taken away for wind-power plant construction, Radio Free Asia reported Wednesday. By Tuesday evening, two men had died in a Donghua village hospital near the port city of Shanwei after being shot the previous day by riot police, the U.

But the report also quoted a Donghua villager as saying a total of four villagers have been killed in the incident, with many others suffering gunshot wounds.

Chinese police opened fire on villagers protesting against the lack of compensation for land lost to a new wind farm in the southern province of Guangdong, local officials and residents said on Wednesday. Police detained three representatives from Dongzhou on Tuesday, which prompted thousands more to come and demand their release, the Radio Free Asia report said, putting the number involved in the demonstration at 10,The National Register of Historic Places is the official list of the Nation's historic places worthy of preservation.

Authorized by the National Historic Preservation Act ofthe National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places is part of a national program to coordinate and support public and private efforts to identify, evaluate, and protect America's historic and archeological resources.

For information on what these criterion are and how they are applied, please see our Bulletin on How to Apply the National Register Criteria. National Park Service U. The district's Period of Significance begins in. The facility's main purpose was to fill the national defense industry's escalating demand for power, particularly at the Atomic Energy Commission's AEC Paducah uranium enrichment plant. Additionally, by the s, residential use of electricity in the Tennessee Valley had risen to twice that of the rest of the nation Martin TVA's steam-driven electric-generating plant program became an integral component of their plan to meet increased demand, so much so that by70 percent of the Authority's power was generated in coal-burning steam plants Wildavsky 0.

The district's Period of Significance terminates inthe conventional year point in the past, but continues to be significant as a working component of the TVA steam plant program. For information on what these criterion are and how they are applied, please see our Bulletin on How to Apply the National Register Criteria Quicklinks.

Search the National Register Database. Find out what we listed this past week.Please sign the following open statement and forward it through your mailing lists or list-servers to friends and colleagues, showing your support to this effort to bring to justice those responsible for the Dongzhou killings. Thank you, and happy holidays! On 6 Decemberthe government of Shanwei City in Guangdong Province unleashed the Armed Police to suppress the villagers of Dongzhou who were seeking to protect their rights according to law.

The shocking use of live ammunition against the villagers led to a number of deaths and injuries among them. This is the first time since the June Fourth Massacre that government forces have opened fire at random on ordinary people.

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We want to express our strongest opposition to and condemnation of the Dongzhou authorities who caused this bloodshed! We also strongly oppose the despicable attitude of the Chinese authorities in failing, to date, to issue any explanation or clarification, or to launch any investigation, as well as their intransigent actions in banning all domestic media from covering the Dongzhou bloodshed.

For this purpose, large tracts of mountain land and arable land belonging to the village were expropriated, as well as Baisha Lake. As a result, over 40, villagers in Dongzhou lost land essential to their livelihood without receiving appropriate compensation and settlement as required by the Constitution and the law.

Starting inthe villagers began to try to use the law to protect their rights, employing many different means to appeal to the local authorities and higher level departments, but never received a proper response, let alone any resolution. Even more disgusting is the fact that the local government employed all sorts of tactics to try to block the petitioning of the villagers, including detaining their representatives, and also imposed an information blackout, banning media reports on the matter.

Lawyers who wanted to offer legal aid to the villagers were warned by local justice departments not to get involved and thus could not take up the brief.

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This action has trampled on universal values, on the Constitution and the provisions of the international human rights treaties signed by the Chinese government. Regardless of whether the order to suppress the protests by force was made by the local government in Guangdong or by the Chinese government, this decision and the bloodshed it created constitutes a heinous crime. Such a government crime should be prosecuted at national level and condemned internationally.

We observe that in recent years a series of extensive and fierce conflicts between officials and ordinary people have broken out over the issue of compensation and settlement for the appropriation of rural land for the purposes of urban development and industrial construction.

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The Chinese government must act courageously in accordance with the law to ensure that the persons involved bear legal and political responsibility for their acts. Otherwise, this bloodshed will set an abominable model for local governments and will mean that in future clashes between officials and people will only increase, the fear and resentment in the hearts of people across the country will deepen, the possibilities for the peaceful transformation of Chinese society will be blocked and in the end there will be widespread opposition in society and an avalanche of political crises.

shanwei power plant

We do not wish to see such an outcome, and do not accept it. We trust that all Chinese people, including officials high and low, do not wish to see such an outcome either, and will not accept it. The reason why the current social crisis in China is deepening daily is that under a political system of one-party dictatorship and censorship, there is a serious imbalance between the power of officials and the power of the people, and a great gulf between them.

When the depredations of the rich and the powerful on the marginalized groups become more and more extreme, the clashes between them will also increase in number and intensity. Facing such clashes, governments will increasingly resort to violence. We believe that the fundamental reason why collective efforts to defend rights are resulting in ugly clashes between officials and people is that in the unbalanced reforms of the last two decades, reform of the political structure has seriously lagged behind.

Precisely because of this tolerance for unchecked political power, governments at all levels dare to abuse their power and repress the common people.

This is why the authorities in Shanwei dared to shoot and kill in broad daylight in such a senseless and brutal manner. We believe that if the highest Chinese authorities continue to defend the current system so tenaciously and do not rapidly undertake reforms of the political structure towards democratization and liberalization, if the citizens who have been oppressed and exploited do not decide to use all legal means to struggle to defend their own rights and freedoms, the human rights in the Constitution will be nothing but empty words, and similar bloody crimes against human rights will continue to take place at other times, in other places, and yet more people will fall victim to them.

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Because if China does not adopt a democratic and liberal constitutionalism, and there is no open political space for the expression of different interests in society, there is no chance that conflicts like that in Dongzhou can be peacefully resolved, and there will be no hope of democracy and freedom for Chinese people.

Furthermore, as local and central level become caught in the vicious circle of resorting to suppression again and again to protect their vested interests, there will be no way out of the cycle of violence. Today the villagers of Dongzhou are still under the control of armed police and their physical safety remains in danger. The truth about the bloodshed is still being covered up and distorted by the authorities, the people have nowhere to express their concern about these events and their right to know about the situation is being ignored.

We are angry, we are sorrowful, if we sit back and do nothing about such heinous crimes by the state and this climate of fear we do not deserve to be considered as having any moral sense at all. Therefore, we issue this urgent statement and make the following requests to central and local governments:. The central government must take effective measures to ensure that the violent suppression is halted, the armed blockade of the village is lifted, and the situation is not allowed to deteriorate further.


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